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Class Auditing for New Students  $245.00
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This is an option available only to new students who wish to audit The Photographers' Workshop. Auditing Students will have access to 45 written/audio lessons and nine assignments along with the ability to interact with classmates, post questions, comments and photos on the Assignments board, the Q&A board, the Photo Critiques board and the Picture of the Day board. Continued access to the class forum for 24 months after the class ends is also provided. The ONLY difference between auditing students and regular students is that instructor evaluations are not provided for Assignments or Photo Critiques posted by auditing students. A class binder and continued access to the class forum for 24 months after the class ends are also provided. Auditing students become eligible to purchase Making the Shot lessons and telephone consulting at the rate listed for each, along with the ability to audit future classes at a discounted rate.

This is a great opportunity for students who wish to work at their own pace or for students who are unable to enroll as a regular student for any reason (i.e. Regular seats are not available in the class, your schedule or finances won't allow you to register as a regular student, etc.) The Photographers' Workshop is a fun, information-packed, nine week online course filled with lessons, assignments and photographic insight, all geared towards having you taking better pictures in no time at all. The course is designed to teach you how to better see those 'everyday moments' and how to document them photographically. This workshop includes the technical, the creative and the personal aspects of photography all in one course. You can find more information about The Photographers' Workshop by selecting the 'photography classes' link above.