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Making the Shot, Issue 6: Karen's Lightroom Editing Workflow  $225.00
Workshop runs February 3rd - March 29th, 2020

It took a long time, a lot of experimentation, some much-appreciated help and perhaps a few cuss-words to develop a streamlined editing process that appealed to my desire for a clean, classic, and consistent cohesiveness amongst all of my photos. And now I want to hold your hand and walk you step-by-step through my entire process of editing in Adobe Lightroom.

"Karen's Lightroom Editing Workflow" will provide you with a 75-page PDF document that details my editing process from start to finish, all of the presets I created and use on all of my images in Adobe Lightroom, 12 RAW images with step-by-step edits, instructional videos, an 8-week class forum where you can ask and find answers to everything you want to know about how I edit, weekly live/recorded broadcasts where I'll be critiquing and editing student photos, and an environment where you can surround yourself with like-minded photographers for $225.

*Note that the presets I created for Adobe Lightroom work most successfully with RAW images. This does not mean you cannot use my presets on JPG images, but their results will not be as impressive. That said, I'd be more than happy to help you get started shooting RAW images - just bring up the topic in class and we'll make it happen!

Making the Shot, Issue 5: Working Your White Balance  $115.00
Workshop runs September 9th - October 7th, 2019

Learning how to work your white balance is key in creating top-notch images that accurately portray your location, flatter your subject, and evoke your intended emotion via color. Whether you are shooting RAW or JPG images, it's not enough to cross your fingers and hope your camera chooses a correct white balance setting. White Balance is a setting you need to take creative control over by learning to see color accurately, discovering your own preferences and having a few tricks up your sleeves that allow you to quickly, efficiently and consistently create the color temperature you want in your photos.

Like many things in photography, there are different approaches to creating your preferred white balance. In "Working Your White Balance," I'll discuss a multitude of options, while delving deeply into the specific methods I've adopted, fine-tuned, and used successfully over the years.

"Working Your White Balance" is a 4-week workshop that includes a forum where you can ask any and all questions, a 30-page PDF document with accompanying audio, instructional videos, live/recorded weekly broadcasts where I'll be evaluating assignment photos, and the ability to connect with other like-minded photographers for $115.

Four Weeks of Photo Critiques, Session Four:   From $99.00
Live & recorded sessions run once weekly April 3rd - April 25th, 2020

As photographers we benefit hugely from understanding the aspects of our compositions, camera settings, exposures, focus, white balance and lighting that we are getting right, and by having detailed and specific insights into areas where we need to practice, modify, and develop in order to continue growing ourselves and the potential of our images.

For me, the most exciting part of teaching has always been the light bulb moments and growth that comes when photographers receive in-depth critiques of their photos. And "Four Weeks of Photo Critiques" is an opportunity for students to continue receiving that kind of feedback.

Each week during "Four Weeks of Photo Critiques" I will ask four volunteers to upload images for me to evaluate during live broadcast sessions that will be held on:

  • Friday, April 3rd at 6pm Pacific time
  • Wednesday, April 8th at 5pm Pacific time
  • Friday, April 17th at 6pm Pacific time
  • Saturday, April 25th at 9am Pacific time

    Each session will last approximately two hours and will be recorded for later viewing. During each live broadcast, both regular and auditing students can ask questions, share comments, and immerse themselves in the process of artistic and technical growth.

    Seriously, it makes me giddy just talking about it - so I can't wait to get started!!!

    * I will be taking a total of 16 students per session so everyone has an opportunity to have their photos evaluated. However, I am also offering the option of auditing at a discounted rate for those who would like to ask questions during the live sessions, watch the recordings and learn from the photos, interaction, and critiques. Just select your preference from the 'options' drop down menu.

    Regular students/$99 per session - only 16 regular students will be allowed in each session.
    Auditing students/$49 per session - unlimited auditors will be allowed.

    I will be offering additional sessions in March and May. If you would like to sign up for a future session, just complete the checkout process for the current session and then email me at and tell me which session you'd like to participate in.

  • Making the Shot, Issue 4: 100 Tips for Photographers   From $55.00
    100 Tips for Photographers is a project that has been six years in the making. It's a compilation of tips and tricks I've learned, applied and refined over nearly two decades of being a photographer:

    • Technical tips that help me nail the shot

    • Inter-relational tips that help me connect with and encourage my subjects

    • Creative tips to guide the flow and feel of candid moments, planned portraits and unexpected compositions

    • Plus links, gifts and downloads for your enjoyment and photography

    • It's more than 100,000 words - the size of two novels - taking the kind of technical writing I shared in The Photographer's Workshop and pairing it with the kind of personal writing I shared on my blog.

      By purchasing this lesson, you'll get a 244 page PDF with more than 300 images and 11+ hours of accompanying audio for $55.

      Here's what students are saying about 100 Tips for Photographers:

      “I’m absolutely loving ‘100 tips for photographers!’ It’s an amazing mix of great photography advice, ideas and inspiration. Karen generously includes so much extra information and each of the 100 tips is on its own so valuable. Every time I read a tip, I’m inspired by Karen’s photos, I feel excited to try out her recommendations and ideas and I love hearing her caring voice and all love and wisdom that is also included. I’ve taken Karen’s “The Photographer’s Workshop’ and it taught me a lot about how to use my camera. The ‘100 tips for photographers” is like a beautiful icing on that cake. You’re already familiar with your camera - in fact, most tips can be used for any camera, including smart phone cameras. You get practical ideas on how to improve your photography, how to get subjects to cooperate and how to make a shot special - all that Karen has discovered during her many years of experience. I’m really looking forward to the class in September. I feel so inspired just by reading the PDF (which, by the way, is so far from a boring photography fact book… this one you just want to browse over and over in a cozy corner of your couch). It will be so great to discuss these tips with other students in the class and see the photos everyone shoot. I highly recommend joining!” – Emilia

      "This is a fabulous guide, both to photography and to life.  It’s the kind of thing your read, digest, think through, try some new tips, then realize you are thinking through again and again… and not just the tips about photography. You think you are soaking up photography tips when really you are learning things about life, the kinds of things that no one ever talks about and we have to stumble through life to find ourselves.  That may be the greatest tip of all here." – Traci

      “I had a chance to read through Karen Russell's latest issue of Making the Shot: 100 Tips for Photographers, and I can't tell you how excited I am to participate in her class in September. This document contains the most complete list of practical tips and examples that I have seen for getting the type of beautiful story-telling candid shots that we have seen on Karen's blog. There are tips on how to evaluate your locale to find the best vantage point, how to interact with your subjects to get the most flattering shot, how to manage the shooting time with your subjects and so much more. For me, the best parts of this issue of Making the Shot are the pictures. Each tip contains at least one photograph with an explanation of how Karen captured the moment. AND Karen is including all of her original RAW and edited files for these photos with the class!” - Susan

    Making the Shot, Issue 3: An In-Depth Discussion on Focus   From $55.00
    Making the Shot, Issue 3: An In-Depth Discussion on Focus is an advanced photography course devoted solely to the topic of FOCUS.

    This issue defines the difference between tack-sharp, adequately-sharp, and soft focus and discusses in great detail how cameras and lenses, lighting and contrast, autofocus settings and a proper focusing technique each play a critical and combined role in creating the sharpest images possible, straight out of the camera. This issue includes three step-by-step testing guides, ten comprehensive case studies, an entire section that tackles the topic of why and how you should be Back Button Focusing, and every ounce of knowledge I have (and then some) about focusing.

    Making the Shot, Issue 3: An In-Depth Discussion on FocusThis is a downloadable course that includes a 138-page PDF and over six hours of audio.
    Making the Shot, Issue 2: Low Light Shooting   From $35.00
    Issue Two of Making the Shot is a 60 page lesson completely devoted to shooting in low-light situations without a flash. So much of our 'everyday' lives happen after the sun goes down so knowing how to shoot in those low-light situations is a must for any photographer that wants to successfully document those memories. In this issue, I break down ten key elements that are critical to low-light shooting and share many of my own SOOC (Straight Out Of the Camera) images along with my edited images and details on how I created them. This issue discusses the role of lighting, white balance, exposure, digital noise, natural reflectors and a myriad of other topics, all geared towards successful low-light shooting without a flash.
    Making the Shot, Issue 1: Inside a Portrait Shoot   From $35.00
    Making the Shot, Issue 1: Inside a Portrait Shoot is a 46-page lesson covering all the details of a senior portrait session I photographed. (Note that even though I am covering a senior portrait session, the information in the lesson pertains to any kind of shooting scenario.) This issue includes both my original and edited images along with detailed shooting information for each image. The lesson discusses the lighting, composition and location selection for each image, touches briefly on some of my editing techniques and delves into the how, why and what I did to make the shots along with lots of extra tips and tricks for shooting successful portraiture.
    Class Auditing for New Students  $245.00
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    This is an option available only to new students who wish to audit The Photographers' Workshop. Auditing Students will have access to 45 written/audio lessons and nine assignments along with the ability to interact with classmates, post questions, comments and photos on the Assignments board, the Q&A board, the Photo Critiques board and the Picture of the Day board. Continued access to the class forum for 24 months after the class ends is also provided. The ONLY difference between auditing students and regular students is that instructor evaluations are not provided for Assignments or Photo Critiques posted by auditing students. A class binder and continued access to the class forum for 24 months after the class ends are also provided. Auditing students become eligible to purchase Making the Shot lessons and telephone consulting at the rate listed for each, along with the ability to audit future classes at a discounted rate.

    This is a great opportunity for students who wish to work at their own pace or for students who are unable to enroll as a regular student for any reason (i.e. Regular seats are not available in the class, your schedule or finances won't allow you to register as a regular student, etc.) The Photographers' Workshop is a fun, information-packed, nine week online course filled with lessons, assignments and photographic insight, all geared towards having you taking better pictures in no time at all. The course is designed to teach you how to better see those 'everyday moments' and how to document them photographically. This workshop includes the technical, the creative and the personal aspects of photography all in one course. You can find more information about The Photographers' Workshop by selecting the 'photography classes' link above.