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Making the Shot, Issue 6: Karen's Lightroom Editing Workflow  $225.00
Workshop runs February 3rd - March 29th, 2020

It took a long time, a lot of experimentation, some much-appreciated help and perhaps a few cuss-words to develop a streamlined editing process that appealed to my desire for a clean, classic, and consistent cohesiveness amongst all of my photos. And now I want to hold your hand and walk you step-by-step through my entire process of editing in Adobe Lightroom.

"Karen's Lightroom Editing Workflow" will provide you with a 75-page PDF document that details my editing process from start to finish, all of the presets I created and use on all of my images in Adobe Lightroom, 12 RAW images with step-by-step edits, instructional videos, an 8-week class forum where you can ask and find answers to everything you want to know about how I edit, weekly live/recorded broadcasts where I'll be critiquing and editing student photos, and an environment where you can surround yourself with like-minded photographers for $225.

*Note that the presets I created for Adobe Lightroom work most successfully with RAW images. This does not mean you cannot use my presets on JPG images, but their results will not be as impressive. That said, I'd be more than happy to help you get started shooting RAW images - just bring up the topic in class and we'll make it happen!

Making the Shot, Issue 5: Working Your White Balance  $115.00
Workshop runs September 9th - October 7th, 2019

Learning how to work your white balance is key in creating top-notch images that accurately portray your location, flatter your subject, and evoke your intended emotion via color. Whether you are shooting RAW or JPG images, it's not enough to cross your fingers and hope your camera chooses a correct white balance setting. White Balance is a setting you need to take creative control over by learning to see color accurately, discovering your own preferences and having a few tricks up your sleeves that allow you to quickly, efficiently and consistently create the color temperature you want in your photos.

Like many things in photography, there are different approaches to creating your preferred white balance. In "Working Your White Balance," I'll discuss a multitude of options, while delving deeply into the specific methods I've adopted, fine-tuned, and used successfully over the years.

"Working Your White Balance" is a 4-week workshop that includes a forum where you can ask any and all questions, a 30-page PDF document with accompanying audio, instructional videos, live/recorded weekly broadcasts where I'll be evaluating assignment photos, and the ability to connect with other like-minded photographers for $115.