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Four Weeks of Photo Critiques, Session Four:   From $99.00
Live & recorded sessions run once weekly April 3rd - April 25th, 2020

As photographers we benefit hugely from understanding the aspects of our compositions, camera settings, exposures, focus, white balance and lighting that we are getting right, and by having detailed and specific insights into areas where we need to practice, modify, and develop in order to continue growing ourselves and the potential of our images.

For me, the most exciting part of teaching has always been the light bulb moments and growth that comes when photographers receive in-depth critiques of their photos. And "Four Weeks of Photo Critiques" is an opportunity for students to continue receiving that kind of feedback.

Each week during "Four Weeks of Photo Critiques" I will ask four volunteers to upload images for me to evaluate during live broadcast sessions that will be held on:

  • Friday, April 3rd at 6pm Pacific time
  • Wednesday, April 8th at 5pm Pacific time
  • Friday, April 17th at 6pm Pacific time
  • Saturday, April 25th at 9am Pacific time

    Each session will last approximately two hours and will be recorded for later viewing. During each live broadcast, both regular and auditing students can ask questions, share comments, and immerse themselves in the process of artistic and technical growth.

    Seriously, it makes me giddy just talking about it - so I can't wait to get started!!!

    * I will be taking a total of 16 students per session so everyone has an opportunity to have their photos evaluated. However, I am also offering the option of auditing at a discounted rate for those who would like to ask questions during the live sessions, watch the recordings and learn from the photos, interaction, and critiques. Just select your preference from the 'options' drop down menu.

    Regular students/$99 per session - only 16 regular students will be allowed in each session.
    Auditing students/$49 per session - unlimited auditors will be allowed.

    I will be offering additional sessions in March and May. If you would like to sign up for a future session, just complete the checkout process for the current session and then email me at and tell me which session you'd like to participate in.