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Because you are the best photographer for your family...

There is no one in the world that can document your life
or the life of your family quite like you - no one.

They know you. They trust you. They are comfortable around you.
They may not always behave perfectly in front of the camera for you,
but they’ll show you a side of themselves they would never show anyone else.

You recognize their sense of humor. You know their quirks.
You know the little things they do to make you love them
and the little things they do to make you crazy too.

You know what your family stands for.
You know the stories and the history. You know the tears and the laughter
and the struggles you have been through together.
You recognize all the little things that have come to have
the deepest meaning in your family.

And because of all that, you have the ability to document
the truly authentic moments and connections and personalities of your family
like no one else can.

It’s no small thing, but you're the right person for the job.

Click here to view a FAQ sheet and a Class Syllabus
Click here to view a FAQ sheet and a Class Syllabus

I am currently taking time off from teaching this workshop in order to teach a year-long workshop to a group of past students. However, because of the continued interest in The Photographers' Workshop, I am allowing registration at a discounted price ($145 instead of $245) to audit a PAST workshop. By registering for an auditing seat in this past workshop, you will gain access to all 45 lessons and 9 assignments from The Photographers' Workshop, all of the questions, answers, and comments posted while this particular workshop was in session, all of the evaluations I wrote for students in this class, and everything else students from this workshop had access to. Because this is a past workshop that has already ended, though, I will not be available to answer photography-related questions. That said, this is a great opportunity to learn all there is to learn from The Photographers' Workshop while working at your own pace. Enjoy!

Required Information:
      •  The Photographers' Workshop March 31 - June 08, 2014:    Regular Student $395 FILLED   Auditing Student $145

      •  Making the Shot, Issue 4: 100 Tips for Photographers September 04 - October 01, 2018:    Regular Student $55   Auditing Student $135

      •  4 Weeks of Photo Critiques, Session 1: August 09 - August 30, 2019:    Regular Student $99   Auditing Student $49

      •  Making the Shot, Issue 5: Working Your White Balance September 16 - October 13, 2019:    Regular Student $115   Auditing Student $0 FILLED

      •  Making the Shot, Issue 6: Karen's Lightroom Editing Workflow February 03 - March 29, 2020:    Regular Student $225   Auditing Student $ FILLED

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Date of birth:   

The following information can be completed after your registration is finalized:
1. What camera (brand & model) are you currently using?
2. What lenses (brand, focal length and widest maximum aperture if you know it) are you currently using?
3. Bio/anything else you'd like your classmates to know about you?

The following information will only be viewed by the instructor:
1. Your current photography skill level (novice, intermediate, advanced?) Feel free to elaborate:
2. Specific things you're hoping to learn during the course:
3. Additional comments:

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