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Making the Shot, Issue 3: An In-Depth Discussion on Focus   From $55.00
Making the Shot (Issue Three): An In-Depth Discussion on Focus is an advanced photography course devoted solely to the topic of FOCUS.

This issue defines the difference between tack-sharp, adequately-sharp, and soft focus and discusses in great detail how cameras and lenses, lighting and contrast, autofocus settings and a proper focusing technique each play a critical and combined role in creating the sharpest images possible, straight out of the camera. This issue includes three step-by-step testing guides, ten comprehensive case studies, an entire section that tackles the topic of why and how you should be Back Button Focusing, and every ounce of knowledge I have (and then some) about focusing.

Making the Shot, Issue 3: An In-Depth Discussion on FocusThis is a downloadable course (a 138-page PDF and over six hours of audio) with the option of purchasing access to a two-week, online Q&A forum where I will be answering any and all questions related to the topic of focus from June 16th-29th, 2014. (You will have access to all of the information in the forum for two years.)